Sandstone Beverage Coasters

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Created by Nature, Straight toYou! Sandstone is a naturally occurring stone made of multiple minerals and is easy to carve. Each sandstone block is completely unique and is between 65 and 125 million years old and are classified by the Department of Interior as “unique with special values of the uncommon variety” and “true picture stone art.” Our sandstone is harvested in an environmentally friendly way from our family-owned mine in Utah. The stones are then hand cut on the same property.

  • THE NEXT GENERATION STONE-COASTER WITH TWO TIMES BETTER PROTECTION - Sand-stone has excellent absorbency in nature which absorbs a large amount of moisture from cold drinks. Excess liquid will be contained by the silicone rim so no spill will drip off or leak onto your countertop. This innovation combines the absorbing power of soapstone and the containing power of silicone rubber, which makes it much better than the old fashion thirsty-stone.
  • INNOVATIVE ANTI SCRATCH RUBBER BASE ON EACH STONE-BODY which wraps around the sharp edge and prevent the shake-off of any sand residue or sediment that could potentially damages your expensive tabletop. No more worries about white marks or rings on your dark wood table or bedstand. The protective covering also prevents hard edges from rubbing your furniture when children are around. Stoneware with this type of finish is more friendly to delicate surfaces than those with cork or foam lining
  • AMPLE SIZE, Big 4.3 inch / 11cm diameter: Are you upset about your old stone coster is too small in size for your Copper Mug? This OVER SIZE thirsty-stone coastor suits ALL Cups, Mugs, tumblers and flasks. It's much bigger than the common thirstystone equivalence, you will never have spillage since your drinkware is well contained. Ideal for icy beverage, whiskey, cocktail, beer or alcohol
  • DURABLE & MULTIUSE - This Set of 4 pack thirstystones tableware is functional and easy to clean. They can be used as home decor, barware set, bartender supplies, whisky accessories or bar table pad. Stay put and not sticking to any cup thanks to their heavy weights
  • GIFT WORTHY - A Cool Housewarming, Hens Party, Bachelors Party, Birthday Gift for Mother, Father, him, her, man, woman. Conversation starter for party, entertaining or wedding registry.

CREATED BY NATURE STRAIGHT TO YOU - Sandstone is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock composed of small sand-sized minerals. These minerals are a variety of colors that layer in a unique way to make each piece of stone unique. No two pieces of stone are the same and will be as unique as each artist’s carving. Each stone is between 65 and 125 million years old!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MINED IN AMERICA - Our sandstone comes from a family-owned mine in Utah. We mine and laser cut each figure on property in our tiling studio. You can feel good knowing our product is completely from the United States, is a family-owned and operated business and not imported from overseas.