Seal Carving Kit

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Created by Nature, Crafted by You! Carve your own seal sculpture out of sandstone with our all-inclusive carving kit by Artistry By Nature. Sandstone is a naturally occurring stone made of multiple minerals and is easy to carve. Each sandstone block is completely unique and is between 65 and 125 million years old and are classified by the Department of Interior as “unique with special values of the uncommon variety” and “true picture stone art.” Our sandstone is harvested in an environmentally friendly way from our family-owned mine in Utah. The stones are then hand cut on the same property.

Each stone carving kit is complete with all the tools you'll need to carve your desired animal. It is a great arts and crafts project for kids because it's nontoxic and no heavy-duty tools are needed. Video tutorials for each sculpture are available here on our site and the easy to follow guide gives great instructions on how to carve your own unique animal. Bring your seal “to life” with your own hands (and a few basic tools)—and create a very special piece of art. Great for school projects, weekend fun and is a great instructional tool in learning about Earth’s stones and minerals while creating a one of a kind sculpture. Certified by an independent 3rd party testing lab as safe for ages 6 and up. Every month we create a new animal. Check in often and get one of each. Each stone character is a unique as its artist.

ALL INCLUSIVE KIT - Box includes all necessary supplies - sandstone, rough carving file and a metal file for fine details. No additional accessories or items required outside of kit. Comes in your choice of the following animal options: Bear, Coyote, Eagle Head, Fish, Owl, Penguin, Ram, Ram Head, Seahorse, Seal, Buffalo. For ages 6+.

FUN ARTS AND CRAFTS PROJECT - Great way to introduce kids and adults alike to sculpture and the arts. Start with the pre-cut stone in general animal shape, file edges for a more realistic shape, fine tune your shape and add realistic details to the animal for the final product. It is a great arts and crafts project for the weekends, gift for boys and girls or as a children's party activity. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced artists.

SAFE FOR KIDS - Certified safe by an independent 3rd party testing lab for ages 6 and up. No hammer or chisel needed and completely non-toxic. This naturally occurring stone can be carved into your child's favorite animal easily with minimal tools. Mild supervision necessary. Use a water bath to minimize any dust. Not suitable for toddlers.

CREATED BY NATURE CRAFTED BY YOU - Sandstone is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock composed of small sand-sized minerals. These minerals are a variety of colors that layer in a unique way to make each piece of stone unique. No two pieces of stone are the same and will be as unique as each artist’s carving. Each stone is between 65 and 125 million years old!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MINED IN AMERICA - Our sandstone comes from a family-owned mine in Utah. We mine and laser cut each figure on property in our tiling studio. You can feel good knowing our product is completely from the United States, is a family-owned and operated business and not imported from overseas.